Thursday, January 28, 2010


Last week, Duane Martin put Baby Blue on blast for not taking care of his responsibilities to his alleged unborn child by Tisha Campbell’s little sister. In a radio interview, he stated:

“I don’t know. I did hit her, but I didn’t hit her raw, I strapped up. One thing is though, if it is my baby, I’ma be a good daddy. I got a good daddy, so, I’ma take care of mine. “

WTH…. Did he really just say that???

Baby Blue also stated that these allegations are interfering with his current relationship with Keke Wyatt… YES!!! The Keke that stabbed her husband!!!

Ever since all of this mess has popped off, Tiara, Tisha Campbell’s little sister, has gone into labor four months early. She had a baby girl and named her Nina Minaji Campbell.

“While we were on a plane Sunday on our way to Los Angeles from Atlanta, Tiara had a headache and was very dizzy, so I felt her head and she had a fever,” Toya Campbell (another one of Tisha’s sisters) told Gossip On This exclusively. “So as soon as we got to LAX airport, Tiara was rushed to the hospital and the doctor said her temperature was 103.5 degrees and her blood pressure was really high,” she continued. “The doctor said they had to take the baby out right then because they both were at risk of dying.”

Doctors told Tiara and her family that “due to a combination of high blood pressure and stress,” she developed a serious condition that affects about 5% of pregnant women worldwide known as preeclampsia, which forced the doctors to take extreme measures and take the baby out via Caesarian section or “c-section.”

All this madness sounds like the Maury Povich show. Now that the baby is here, they could holla at Maury to get a paternity test…

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