Sunday, January 24, 2010

WHATS ON MY MIND AT 2:47 am...

OMG! what's on my mind tonight?
I can use some ___ and some ___ to put me to sleep,but then again I might feel like a peppermint patty and stand on top of some club table and ski down a mountain of_____.
I decided to chill tonight and go to bed early, but you see the vampire for ten years need some ____.I was thinking about making a shirt tonight, but being the "LAZY SCORPIO " I am... I need to snap into a slim jim and also open up a after hour spot. (by the way I'm a vegan)... I'm a vegan who wrote "Peta" and told them I think they should let up on Michael Vick...
(I just knew I was going to get kick out the " I rather go naked" campaign)...I have a song I would like to sing for you,but you'll have to check me on "USTREAM" (http:/ )
if you can feel in the blank I'll give you a spank... MY NAME IS ________ I'M GOING TO ___.
B4 I LEAVE GIVE ME SOME____, IF YOU DON'T JUST KNOW YOU WILL...I'LL MAKE YOU FAMOUS I GIVE OUT _____. (toot-toot-boot-boo-bump-pump-hump-ello! and leave your feelings on the pillow.... goodnight(~.~)

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